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 EVE humor - sometimes nothing explains it all.

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PostSubject: EVE humor - sometimes nothing explains it all.   Sat Dec 27, 2008 12:16 am

I was surfing the web today, not really sure where it start, I think it was the industry and science forums and I got a sideswipe hit over onto the battleclinic
fitting page, and what do I see on the top of the top rated list? a fitting for an obelisk!,13774.15/My-Obelisk-setup.html

I said "WTF? this has gotta be a j/k" so I click on it and the following half hour was spent laughing at the great posts.

This is a great resource btw if your looking to pick-up handy fitting ideas for you ships.
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EVE humor - sometimes nothing explains it all.
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